Populations of the Mountains of the World

"To make the voice of the mountain people and the expression of their will heard".



Mountains are threatened by several dangers: ageing populations, migration, exodus and overcrowding in urban areas, rapid destructuring of societies or communities, increasingly intensive use of natural resources, the search for costly solutions in the face of market competition that these territories cannot sustain, recourse to dangerous production…

This evolution leads to more and more conflicts over the appropriation of resources or territories, control of production, maintenance of identities and autonomies, access to fundamental rights, etc. Finally, often located in border areas, mountain territories are subject to numerous wars or guerrilla wars.

In order to preserve these global public goods, to maintain populations in territories where their presence is indispensable and to prevent them from swelling the megalopolises, it is necessary to persuade national and international actors of the need to imagine and implement appropriate policies and programmes.

This message will be all the better heard if mountain populations are organized and aware of their role.

The mountains in some numbers


of the surface area of the continents




million inhabitants

Believing in the future of the mountain


Getting organized to influence decisions


Claiming our rightful place in society


Enlarge the range of possibilities for the mountains


Regaining control of our development


Acting through strong and united communities


Building a community of mountain men and women


The WMPA is 20 years old !

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The WMPA will celebrate its 20th anniversary on the occasion of the event Les Montagnes se rencontrent in Chambéry (Savoie - France) from 26th to 28th November 2021. A full…

December 11, International Mountain Day

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International Mountain Day has been celebrated every year since 2003 on December 11th. Established by UNESCO, this day is intended to raise awareness among the population and governments on the…





26 January 2021
An edifying and hard-hitting documentary about the progressive loss of "public lands", wild and protected areas of the United States